Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

2015 – Kwan, Yvonne. “Racial Microaggressions and Hmong American Students.” Bilingual Research Journal 38(1):23-44. DOI:10.1080/15235882.2015.1017026


R&R – Kwan, Yvonne and Fukurai, Hiroshi. Allied Multivariate Statistical Cookbook for Social Research: Applications and Practical Considerations. (textbook – Routledge)

In Progress – Kwan, Yvonne. Afterlives of Diaspora: Cambodian Americans and the Transgenerational Transmission of Memory and Trauma.

Book Chapters

Under Review – Kwan, Yvonne. “Cambodian and Hmong American Refugee Subjecthood and Identity.” In Asian Americans: Past, Present and Future (2nd edition), edited by E. Chen, S. Shrake & T. Williams-Leon. Kendall Hunt.

Accepted – Kwan, Yvonne. “Providing Asset-Based Support for Asian American Refugees: Interrogating Transgenerational Trauma, Resistance, and Affective Capital.” In Creating Conditions for Asian Americans to Thrive in Higher Education, edited by S. Museus and Marie Ting. New Directions for Higher Education.

2015 – Kwan, Yvonne. “Justice Delayed: Post-Colonial Hauntings in the Khmer Rouge Tribunal Hybrid Court System.” Pp. 47-67 in East Asia’s Renewed Respect for the Rule of Law in the 21st Century: The Future of Legal and Judicial Landscape in East Asia, edited by H. Fukurai, S. Miyazawa, W. Ji, & D. Chan. Brill.

2011 – Kwan, Yvonne. “Intergenerational Refugee Resilience.” Pp. 21-25 in Navigating the Great Recession: Immigrant Families’ Stories of Resilience (1st edition), edited by A. Sanchez-Munoz, G. Masequesmay, E. Shrake, & T. Buenavista. Kendall Hunt.

Other Publications and Media

2017 – Interviewed by Dartmouth Office of the President. “Fellowship.”

2017 – Interviewed by Valley News. “Film Notes: An Overlooked Chapter in U.S. History.”

2016 – Kwan, Yvonne. “Book Review: Katharya, Um. (2015). From the Land of Shadows: War, Revolution, and the Making of the Cambodian Diaspora. New York and London, NY: NYU Press. 329 pp. $28.00 (Paperback). ISBN: 978-1-4798-0473- 3.,” Journal of Southeast Asian American Education and Advancement 11(1). DOI: 10.7771/2153-8999.1147

2015 – Kwan, Yvonne. “Impediments to Justice and Recognition in the Khmer Rouge Tribunals.” JURIST.