Kwan has over fifteen years of experience working with first-generation, low-income students on navigating the institutions of higher education. Kwan has been recognized across disciplinary divisions for her teaching acuity and within the Asian American community for her mentorship and advocacy. She has also served as a research advisor for students pursuing independent research and completing their theses.

Instructor of Record
San Jose State University
– AAS 33A. Asian Americans in U.S. History I
– AAS 33B. Asian Americans in U.S. History II
– AAS 175. Asian American Communities
– AAS 186. Southeast Asian Diaspora
– AAS 170. Special Topics: Media and Popular Culture
– SOCI 204. Graduate Quantitative Methods

Dartmouth College
– SOCY 42. Sociological Introduction to the Asian American Experience
– SOCY 16. Constructing Social Theory/Contemporary Social Theory

UC Santa Cruz
– SOCY 10. Issues & Problems in American Society

Teaching Assistant
UC Santa Cruz
– SOCY 1. Introduction to Sociology
– SOCY 169. Social Inequality
– SOCY 103A. Statistical Methods
– SOCY 105A. Classical Sociological Theory
– SOCY 128I. Race & Justice (renamed Race & Law),
– SOCY 10. Issues & Problems in American Society
– SOCY 103B. Logic & Methods of Social Inquiry (Research Methods)

– C126. Educational Anthropology

UC San Diego
– PSYC 181. Drugs & Behavior

Recognition for Excellence in Teaching and Mentorship
2017 – Dartmouth Office of Pluralism and Leadership’s Community Advocate Award
2013 – UCSC Sociology Teaching Assistant Trainer
2012 – UCSC Social Sciences Division Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award