Kwan has over ten years of experience working with first-generation, low-income students on navigating the institutions of higher education. Kwan has been recognized across disciplinary divisions for her teaching acuity and within the Pan-Asian community for her mentorship and advocacy. She has also served as a research advisor for students pursuing independent research and completing their senior theses.

Instructor of Record
San Jose State University
– AAS 33A. Asian Americans in U.S. History I
– AAS 33B. Asian Americans in U.S. History II
– AAS 175. Asian American Communities
– AAS 170. Special Topics: Media and Popular Culture
– SOCI 204. Graduate Quantitative Methods

Dartmouth College
– SOCY 42. Sociological Introduction to the Asian American Experience
– SOCY 16. Constructing Social Theory/Contemporary Social Theory

UC Santa Cruz
– SOCY 10. Issues & Problems in American Society

Teaching Assistant
UC Santa Cruz
– SOCY 1. Introduction to Sociology
– SOCY 169. Social Inequality
– SOCY 103A. Statistical Methods
– SOCY 105A. Classical Sociological Theory
– SOCY 128I. Race & Justice (renamed Race & Law),
– SOCY 10. Issues & Problems in American Society
– SOCY 103B. Logic & Methods of Social Inquiry (Research Methods)

– C126. Educational Anthropology

UC San Diego
– PSYC 181. Drugs & Behavior

Recognition for Excellence in Teaching and Mentorship
2017 – Dartmouth Office of Pluralism and Leadership’s Community Advocate Award
2013 – UCSC Sociology Teaching Assistant Trainer
2012 – UCSC Social Sciences Division Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award